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October 4, 2020
Know your candidates' positions

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September 4, 2020

Let's Talk About Safer Neighborhoods


There isn't a day where a new social media post a crime happening in our neighborhoods isn't reported.  Vehicle break-ins, property theft, and suspicious individuals lurking at all hours.


Our GGPD does a great job considering they are still short-staffed and simply cannot be everywhere all the time.  25% of the city's general fund is derived from the resort district TOT (transient occupancy tax), 2020 has hit the city budget hard which will affect current hiring goals for additional police officers.


So what solutions are there to combat the rising crime in our neighborhoods and retail areas?   A solution that will not require 10's of thousands of dollars from the general fund yet is proven effective, successful, and cost-effective?


This is where the VIP (Volunteers in Police Service) program comes into play.    In the cliff notes version, this proven program greatly increases the number of eyes in our community to report a crime, increases visibility, and creates a trusted interactive bond between the community and the police.  It delivers added value to the department and city through volunteer hours in realized savings.


The VIP program volunteers offer law enforcement agencies the resources needed to assist in and expand public services, and crime prevention efforts in communities.  By supporting rather than supplanting officers and paid civilians, freeing them and resources up. 

There is so much information available regarding this program that other departments and cities are currently using so I am providing this download link here

HNHA-OC Endorsement

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Thank you RNHA-OC for your endorsement!

September 14, 2020

Making our City Stronger


The problem is the current leadership not only puts everything into tourism but that they lack the out of the box vision to want to turn their attention to our neighborhood needs.

Actually listen to what the residents want and need. Incentives, support, and programs to encourage businesses to want to locate to Garden Grove have always been severely lacking. There is almost no energy to encourage new businesses, startups, and new entrepreneurs to want to take a chance on Garden Grove.

Other city's around the country have a monthly "explore opportunities" tour for business owners to visit vacant storefronts and locations, learn about the community and programs available to them.

Another wonderful program is the 1,000,000 cups where new business owners can introduce their businesses or services to fellow business owners and mentors, followed by a Q & A that starts with the question "what can we do to help?". These are two programs I will introduce, both of which would cost the city nothing except participation and shows businesses that we care and want them to be a part of our community.

Dollar for dollar, thriving small businesses produce more tax revenues for a city than big-box retailers, and they tend to have a strong vested interest and greater participation in the community around them.

I think everyone can agree our city is spending too much time, money, and resources on the Anaheim Grove Resort District at the expense of our resident's needs for local shopping, dining, etc.

The most important part is for leadership that truly listens, to what the residents and community actually need and want.

Visions of big fancy stores and restaurants that don't first address the needs and wants of you, the residents are a disservice.

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